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Youwo service process

Pre sales service process: sample process test welding → provide solutions

In order to save investment amount, shorten investment cycle and achieve investment return, please provide us with the following information in advance:

① More than five product drawings and (or) physical samples;

② Materials used in the product;

③ Product welding requirements and acceptance methods: 1) strength requirements 2) sealing requirements 3) appearance requirements 4) other special requirements;

④ According to the production scale, the output of each shift (8h) is calculated;

⑤ Whether there is assembly process before welding and whether there are inspection requirements one by one after welding.

We will provide you with effective solutions free of charge:

1. Free trial welding samples for you;

2. Review the mould drawing to determine the structure and size in line with the ultrasonic process;

3. According to the principle of input-output ratio, we recommend the corresponding equipment to you;

4. Design and manufacture special ultrasonic equipment or automatic assembly and welding production line according to your needs.

When you are not sure to order ultrasonic welding equipment, you can also enjoy the above pre-sales service.

In sale service process: equipment installation and debugging → customer on-site training

① Deliver the equipment according to the contract period;

② Free door-to-door installation and debugging;

③ Conduct professional training for operation, maintenance and management personnel;

④ Provide process guidance to ensure your efficient production of high quality products.

After sales service process: lifelong maintenance of equipment → regular return visit of customers

① For simple faults, technicians guide customers to eliminate them by phone and video;

② For complex faults, pre judge equipment faults and quote to customers;

③ It takes 24 hours in the province, 48 hours outside the province and 72 hours abroad to arrive at the fault site;

④ Regular return visit to continuously improve service quality.

If you buy ultrasonic welding equipment, you wo will have a free warranty within one year and provide lifelong service at a preferential price.

Other services: all brands of welding equipment, matching welding tooling, mold, fixture; Customized special equipment; Automatic welding equipment.

Youwo mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces ultrasonic welding machine, hot trigger and other products, engaged in vibration friction welding tooling technology research and development.

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